Heritage Roofing

Lead Work & Flashing

Heritage Roofing are experienced in all aspects of roof repair including Lead work and Flashing,

Our main services are-

  • Flat lead sheet roofing
  • Lead flashing
  • Lead cladding
  • Lead capping
  • Lead chimney aprons, chimney backs, step flashing and lead soakers
  • Dormer and bay window lead roof coverings
  • Lead guttering
  • Lead valleys and gullies

Lead is a great building material as its moulded easily and is resistant to corrosion and provides the perfect protection for your roof, this is the reason it is so wildly used in the U.K. but like everything it should be maintained, if not the barrier between that and the roof can become compromised and let water in.

Heritage roofing are specialists in roofing, including the knowledge and skill set for repairs and installation, we have provided lead work for many years and are well known for our quality of work with glowing reviews on google.

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